Irons In The Fire, Elephants In The Room

A first post. My project on that endangered species British Documentary – it’s not, it’s just migrating to the internet and cinema – Getting Real – British Documentary From Free Cinema To Free Market has attracted “keen” interest from BBC4 and the BFI as a special season to be run in parallel on both the TV channel and the South Bank in 2015. I’m doing it with leading production company Lion TV, whose MD Richard Bradley is an enthusiast.

My new feature film screenplay The Crunch, a financial apocalypse thriller, moves towards completion with the help of my script guru Archie Tait and producer Luke Randolph, multi-talented former MD of International Film Guarantors who has taken it on for his company Counterpoint Films. Celestia Fox, doyenne of casting directors, has come on board. Ian Hart (John Lennon in Backbeat, Professor Quirrell in Harry Potter – The Philosopher’s Stone), who starred as Brian Keenan in my debut movie Blind Flight, has committed to an embarrassingly small role for an actor of his stature. Archie, Luke and Celestia were vital to Blind Flight’s realisation. I have a dream team.

The Crunch’s Armageddon scenario is set in Britain in the near future. Most of us are unaware that the UK has the highest per capita debt of any country in the world – $250,000 for every man, woman and child. What might happen if ordinary Britons reach a point where they’re no longer prepared to accept the price they’re being made to pay to maintain a bankrupt economic order?

The Crunch is a frightening, indeed radical, vision of potential economic and social meltdown (see its storyline). It begs the elephant-in-the-room question; why not just do as the rebellious populace in the film’s scenario are demanding – Dump The Debt, Ditch The Rich, have a System Reset – rather than go on using printed money, bailouts and austerity to enrich the minority and impoverish the majority?’

There’s a saw in the film/TV business that big awards can be a career killer – nobody calls you afterwards as they believe you’re unobtainable. So you languish with your bauble and your emptying bank account. Whilst not being in this celestial league of heaven and purgatory Blind Flight was ‘critically acclaimed‘, Ian Hart was a notable Best Actor Award Winner and the film and I also received nominations. And since then I’ve been an exile to income. But hope springs eternal, though infernal for my wife.



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