Part 4 of my documentary GROUNDSWELL: WHOSE NHS? A GRASSROOTS JOURNEY – The Bill That Can Save The NHS? – is now on YouTube.

Not without the support of the Labour Party it can’t. And most of the Labour Party, including Shadow Health Secretary Heidi Alexander, don’t support it. Yet.

The NHS (Reinstatement) Bill has its Second Reading in Parliament next Friday 11th. Sign and circulate the 38 Degrees petition for MPs to support the Bill at the Reading, which today has over 17,000 signatures. And write to your MP and/or the Shadow Health Secretary.

There’s a letter in The Guardian today appealing for support for the Bill. The letter has over 300 signatures including a number of well-known figures.

Attend the forthcoming Day Of Action In Support Of The NHS Bill next Friday 11th in London and other cities. It’s at 11.00 – 13.30 outside Parliament.

My new article Bad For Our Pockets, Bad For Our Health is in the new March issue of Kensington Chelsea & Westminster Today.

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