LET’S SWING IT! Ex-Tories Election Video

See my Groundswell grassroots documentary film project’s General Election video with a difference GLORIA & ALEXANDRA: EX-TORIES SPEAK OUT (2 mins): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxa9zsFAnlo&t=20s

Until recently Gloria and Alexandra were both lifelong Tories. Not any more.  They’re sick of the Old Politics. And they don’t hold back. Gloria is working class and retired. Alexandra is a middle class working mother. To them the NHS, and saving it from the free marketeers and the Tory Party, is the key issue in the Election, a pivotal moment for them and all the other redoubtable NHS campaigners I’ve been working among over the last 2+ years.


Previous bites of Gloria and Alexandra which I’ve put out have been widely circulated and appreciated. Please do the same for this wherever you can. Particularly if you have any soft Tory/swing voters among your social circles and/or other potentially persuadable parties, especially in constituencies where such votes could make a difference. That’s who it’s aimed at.


There are a couple of New Politics sites/organisations which might be useful in helping anyone interested in tactical voting: http://www.progressivealliance.org.uk and http://www.tactical2017.com

My documentary film project now titled GROUNDSWELL: THE GRASSROOTS BATTLE FOR THE NHS presents a clear and disturbing picture of what campaigners see as being behind the NHS crisis. It’s also an insider’s account of the grassroots New Politics movement in action.



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