It was the failure of the liberals, centre/rightists and social democrats to address popular disaffection with the old economic and political order in Germany after the 1929 Crash that left an open goal for Hitler and the far right.

It will be the same parties here, chief among them the MandelBlairson brigade and the LibDems, who will be held responsible for the right wing’s continuing ascendancy – and the demise of the NHS – despite a similar open goal left for Labour by the 2008 Crash.

It was the MandelBlairsons who held back ‘Red’ Miliband from taking on the rich, the bankers and the corporate honchos at the last Election. It is they and the still market and media-fearful centre/right Labour MP herd who continue to cramp the Corbyn leadership from committing to full NHS renationalisation – Corbyn and McDonnell were two of only a handful of Labour MPs who backed the NHS Reinstatement Bill at its launch two years ago.

But with the debacle of Theresa May’s ‘dementia tax’ the Tories’ old truncheon of Labour as the tax’n’spend party with which to beat Labourite centrists into line with the financial and corporate sectors’ wishes looks a Mr Punch’s limp prop.

Will Labour now commit to saving its greatest achievement, one that could, if properly argued, be key to its electability? Not if the Party herd continues to be influenced by the mindset displayed by Tony Blair in his appearance in my documentary ‘GROUNDSWELL: THE GRASSROOTS BATTLE FOR THE NHS’, which also features Corbyn’s early commitment to the NHS Reinstatement Bill.

After seeing it veteran TV presenter and producer Jack Pizzey wrote yesterday to Jon Snow urging his and C4’s attention to the film in the run-up to the Election;

“It is news to me that we already have fewer hospital beds per 1000 people than almost any other developed nation. With yet more cuts planned.

And that the man who heads the NHS used to run an American healthcare company. My son lives in LA and says US health care is a catastrophe. Please not here!”

Those like myself with today’s attention-deficit problems can choose just to view the last 10 minutes of the film. This focusses on the Americanisation threat to the NHS and steps that campaigners and the Labour leadership want to take to counter this.

My YouTube Channel contains short films I’ve done as part of the Groundswell project:

I have also launched a new website I USED TO BE A CONSERVATIVE:

Inspired by Gloria Guy and Alexandra Veres, the ex-Tories featured in my 2-minute Election video GLORIA & ALEXANDRA: EX-TORIES SPEAK OUT now on the website, it also contains the Election leaflet I’ve put together with 999 Call For The NHS’ Steve Carne titled Ex-CONSERVATIVES SPEAK OUT:

Alexandra asked me to delete an original quote of her’s that she comes from a family “Conservative to the core”.  She’s converted at least one close relative into a Corbyn supporter!

My £20 bet on a hung Parliament at 5-1 placed at William Hill’s on the day of Theresa May’s Election announcement is getting to look a bit of a runner.


One thought on “MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE

  1. Thanks ,have been circulating as best able…the so-called public meeting to announce the decision for our NHS in Southend will be in the Autumn but at present it looks as though we might get 1 proper A&E for 1.2 million people in this part of Essex (ie. Basildon Chelmsford and Southend hospital services reduced to one functional unit spread over the three sites. Steve Smith



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