There won’t just be one show, it seems, but two. I’ve somewhat suddenly found myself embroiled in a couple of NHS-related events which draw together much of what I’ve been working on over the last 3 1/2 years.

The first is an ‘NHS Myth-Busting’ do at Hammersmith Town Hall’s cavernous main Assembly Room – capacity over 1000 inc 750 seated – on Sunday July 1st, 2.00 – 5.00pm. Organised by our 38 Degrees Chelsea & Fulham Group it’s intended as an antidote to all the Government/NHS England guff about the NHS’ 70th Birthday.

NHS Dual Page Flyer for e-mail.jpeg

The second event is a screening of ‘Groundswell’ at the Regent Street Cinema on Monday July 2nd at 6.30pm followed by a Q & A. Programme notes and bookings:

I’ve been surprised and gratified by the very favourable responses the film has been getting from test screenings and private viewings.

The screening came about through the unlikeliest of circumstances. Checking into the Brompton Hospital two weeks ago for a small heart operation – to correct an electrical fault quaintly known as ‘atrial flutter’ – I fell into conversation about the film and the NHS with the receptionist Maria Moats-Boyer. She immediately wrote to her friend Shira MacLeod, the director of the Regent Street Cinema. The day after leaving hospital Shira booked the film! I should get admitted more often.


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