‘GROUNDSWELL’ Film Reviews

SEE THE FILM HERE: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/grassroots

Media/public figures:  A new documentary by filmmaker John Furse, titled Groundswell: The Grassroots Battle for the NHS, charts the fight of campaign groups against the dismantling and privatisation of the National Health Service. It is an urgent, compelling film that deserves to be seen widely. (The Independent, July 6th 2018)

“A highly individual, remarkably sophisticated piece of filmmaking. It brings to mind Chris Marker and Peter Watkins – pretty high praise. It is about a single subject – the covert, gradual dissection of the National Health Service. However the film’s enormous strength is that it situates this transformation in a pattern of global neo-liberal economics, while connecting it directly to the intimately observed lives of individuals affected by it. It is both highly personalised, and analytically complex. It is rare to see a film that explores complex issues and attitudes with such clarity. Extraordinary…moving and humbling.”  (Archie Tait, ex-ICA Cinema Director)

“A very important and very inspiring film.”  (Roger Graef, TV producer, Sheffield DocFest 2019)

“A shocking and eye opening documentary on the frequently denied Tory plan to privatise the NHS by stealth. The model is the American health service. Who could possibly think that would benefit anyone other than top execs of USA health insurance industry. Watch and worry a lot.”  (Jerome Burne, Daily Mail/FT journalist, ex-TimeOut Editor)

“This is a compelling and surprising film about the secret assaults on a core British institution the NHS. And it’s the story of a painfully real grassroots organisation and their struggle to be heard.”  (Peter York, author & broadcaster)

“Groundswell is a very important documentary film. It marks an important moment in our social history. It demonstrates the power of grassroots organisations to reach out, to debate, and to bring together people from across old, established, traditional political lines. Looking at the film the emotions of the people and the commitment that they are making, despite very busy personal lives, is fantastic and very moving.”  (John McCarthy, broadcaster & author)

“Filmmaker John Furse has been following the grassroots campaign to save the NHS from its stealthy take-over by American health corporations for the last 3 years. With next to no budget, self-taught as a cinematographer, but fuelled by passion as well as forensic curiosity and a heart-full of empathy, he has made an exemplary campaign film that works as fast-paced and informative current affairs documentary as well as a vigorous call to action. A cracking, powerful and accessible film that should be distributed widely. I cannot recommend the film too highly.”  (Mark Kidel, arts documentary filmmaker and journalist)

“Inspiring.” (Iain Softley, cinema film director)

“This film goes a long way to explain the Corbyn phenomenon.”  (Lord David Owen, ex-Labour Party Minister Of Health)

“John Furse’s film moved me greatly, from the verge of tears to righteous anger.”  (Ian Hart, actor)

“Just watched your film. I alternated between fury and sadness. It’s just wonderful.”  (Mike Hodges, film director)

“This brilliant film portrays how powerful grassroots campaigning can be and what an extraordinary group of dedicated people are succeeding to achieve in altering policy on the NHS.”  (Reuben Ramsey, The Hastings Independent)

NHS practitioners:  ‘I would strongly commend this film to anyone who is concerned about their future healthcare or that of the nation. The film eloquently and comprehensively catalogues the covert privatisation of the NHS over the past 41years since Nicholas Ridley’s secret paper on denationalising public services in 1977. It evokes a deeply felt sense of loss for one of the great humanitarian achievements of the past century (ie. universal health care based on need and free at the point of delivery), while at the same time exploring the increasing disillusionment with the effects of globalisation on our democracy. The film is inspirational in portraying the commitment of both members of the public and staff to the founding ethos of the NHS and to saving it for future generations. It is also a timely reminder that we need to act collectively and urgently to save the NHS.’
(Dr Austin Connor, North Devon GP, retired in 2018)

“Great film. Captures the spirit of NHS activism, warts and all.”  (Dr Bob Gill, campaigner)

“I loved the film, John. Very powerful – I learnt loads.”  (Dr Chris Day, NHS whistleblower)

“You have done a remarkable job of conveying the passion in the campaign and the emotional ups and downs.”  (Dr Colin Hutchinson, campaigner)

“This film will  bring about a turning point in public awareness and a ‘groundswell’ of revulsion amongst the public in what is being done to our NHS without public knowledge, without a mandate and with total disdain for democracy. A narrative that will surely shock the still unsuspecting public into action and stop this juggernaut in its tracks.”  (Dr Michael Galvin, Leeds)

“Excellent. Very well told. Powerful and timely.” (Dr Nick Mann GP, London, on Twitter)

Members of the public:  ‘We met at the Byline (Festival) after watching your brilliant film.’  (Lisa Smith, Uckfield, East Sussex)

Campaigners would do well to arrange a film screening (of ‘Groundswell: The Grassroots Battle For The NHS And Democracy’) with producer John Furse. It had a massive impact on the Isle of Wight last Saturday!’  (Christine Lightbody, Newport, Isle of Wight)

“Fantastic film, I was so impressed. Thank you for sharing your passion tonight.”  (Lucette Davies, Eastbourne, East Sussex)

An absolutely brilliant film, about one of our most valuable State institutions! ***** .  (Helen Ibbotson, Belfast)

“A must-see, very informative film which clearing shows how governments have consistently been privatising our NHS, how much money we are losing to the private sector and how close we are to losing our NHS. This film should be shown on national television. I cannot praise John Furse, the Producer and Director, enough for his work and dedication in making this film.”  (Sharon Sisson, St Austell, Cornwall)

The film was awesome and deserves to be seen all over the country. It is a forthright and candid representation of how our NHS has been tampered with over the last few decades and what it’s fate will be if we just stand by and let it happen. It was cleverly done and it’s honesty shines through in such a way that it gets the message across without political favouritism to one party or another. At the same time it makes it absolutely clear that there is, and always has been, a plot against our NHS to undermine it and ultimately hand it over to private enterprise and their shareholders. One lady commented on our Facebook page the same evening, saying; ‘I saw this film tonight at Quay Arts – very impressive. I’ll be voting differently in future and doing whatever else I can’.”  (Christine Lightbody, Newport, Isle of Wight)

“Remarkable…invaluable.”  (Stephen Ridley, Uckfield, East Sussex)

“I have now seen Groundswell 3 times and even on the third viewing I was still riveted by the startling information concerning the destruction of the NHS.”  (Jill Rock, London)

“This film should be a wake-up call if ever there was one – I hope it reaches millions and generates the kind of action nation-wide that is needed. It is a great achievement, and a great contribution, in the same league as Tony Judt’s ‘Thinking the 20th Century’.”  (Suzanne Collins, Sydney, Australia)

“Bloody brilliant. Left me in tears.” (Lyn Hally, London)

“Watch this brilliant documentary about the 30 years of NHS privatisation by stealth.” (Ewa Sidorenko, university sociology lecturer, on Facebook)

For god’s sake why isn’t this film on television for EVERYONE to see ???? This is a MUST SEE!”  (Jean Harvey, London, on Facebook)

“Vital film on the piracy threatening our NHS.” (Stroud Community TV on Twitter)

“Just watched this hugely informative film by John Furse. I highly recommend it.”  (Ruth Bradley on Twitter)

“A vital and compelling project in defence of our most humane achievement.”  (Leroy Jamet on Facebook)

“This is brilliantly researched and documented, filmed with passion and clarity. Fascinating even to the rest of us, non-British. Watch it ! It’s a must.”  (Danielle Tilkin, New York, on Facebook)

“An emotive and inspiring film proving that the power to change our country for the better lies in the hands of it’s people. I urge you all to see it.”  (Gemma Brinkley, Darite, Cornwall)

“Your film is a superb history of the onslaught our NHS is facing, and a well deserved tribute to the tenacity and determination of campaigners to save it from profiteers.”  (Alan Lauder, Wakefield, on Twitter)

“Groundswell is an excellent film. For me, the most important point was its demonstration of how the struggle to remain independent, rather than a tool of any political party, was both uniting and empowering as well as exhausting and, at times, dispiriting, and led to the enormous expansion of both knowledge and influence in a mass movement. That resistance, and determination maintain its clear vision, was what ultimately gave it the power to influence Labour Party policy. It showed too, the toll on individual lives and the sacrifices that some are willing to make for the common good. I bought a copy and I want as many people as possible to see it.”  (Dee Coombes, Liverpool)

“Thank you again for your beautifully made, moving and devastating film about the NHS. I am telling everyone about the film, and sharing information and the link to it. The urgency of your film becomes ever more compelling.”  (Felicity Laurence, Hastings, Sussex)

“Brilliant.”  (John Carlisle, Socialist Health Association, Sheffield DocFest 2019)

SEE THE FILM HERE: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/grassroots