I received copies of the following letters from former lifelong Tory Gloria Guy, a fellow member of our local 38 Degrees Chelsea & Fulham Group, which she sent to Chelsea and Fulham’s Conservative MP Greg Hands during 2016 and 2017.

Gloria “wholeheartedly” supports the NHS (Reinstatement) Bill  which provides the legislation to restore the NHS as a publicly funded and publicly run service.

‘Hello Greg, John and everyone else,

My thoughts are straying in the following direction:

I understand that Britain is about 6th in global economy and likely to be 4th by 2030.   We are still a very rich country and we can still afford to send out millions of pounds abroad in aid.   Why then are we being forced to reduce our NHS and why is this government allowing (or rather encouraging, NAY FORCING) our NHS to become poverty stricken when we obviously have sufficient money in the kitty to keep it going?????

It is known from experience that councils and other organisations frequently deliberately under use buildings and/or services in order to say that there’s not sufficient grounds for keeping them on.  Then they subsequently become lost to us.  This is exactly the unpleasant and nasty way that this government is working – underfund the NHS, force cuts in beds, staff, buildings etc.in order to build a case for privatising it.

It’s not on, Greg.   Please tell us, in words of one syllable, not political jargon, why you can’t or won’t re-organise the upper management tiers within the NHS.   These people are raking in extremely large salaries and are non productive.   They don’t treat patients, don’t have to care for patients, don’t clean up the mess in hospitals – what do they do other than leech money out of the NHS and into the bargain cut the real staff, the people who do all the real work within the NHS?

There is very little point in throwing money at the NHS for the tiers of non-productive staff to ensure that it doesn’t reach the staff who treat the end-user, the patients who need it.   Reduce the top tiers and increase the bottom tiers of staff and beds.

Please don’t treat the people of this country as though we are all idiots who can’t see what’s happening.   You know we have right on our side, and yet you’re not doing right by us.  Remove the exorbitant salary earners and spend that money where it’s really needed – at the bottom of the scale for the resurrection of beds and hospitals, not their demise.

Please tell us why you aren’t running it properly.   You have the power to do it, why aren’t you doing it?

No platitudes please, give us even just ONE good reason.   I doubt that you can, but I look forward to receiving your reply anyway.

Thank you.

Gloria Guy                                                                                                              February 24th 2017


Dear Greg,

It is absolutely essential to the wellbeing of the NHS that we bring it back into public ownership entirely.  You personally may not be in agreement of this because you have a financial interest in the Conservative party due to your position within, but you represent us, the people, your constituents in Fulham and Chelsea and we want you to support the NHS Reinstatement Bill on our behalf.   There is also a second reading of the Commission Bill tomorrow – the same day as the NHS Reinstatement Bill.   I wonder how that came about?
Please let me know which one you intend to attend and which way you intend to vote, should it come to it.   
Think of the people who will end up without proper care and support if you, as my Member of Parliament, allow the American privatisation system to take over OUR NHS.   We are counting on you as our representative in Parliament to do as we want, not as the Tory party wants.
You have a very important voice in Parliament and you can swing it which way you choose.   Please give up the greedy privatisation way and support a genuine NHS in the form in which it was set up – to help the people of this country, not to hand over to private companies for profit.   As a churchgoer you should be persuading your colleagues to see the spiritual aspect of life in this world, and it should be more important to you than the greed which seems to be taking over the world.   Money is not God.
Kind regards.
Yours sincerely,
Gloria Guy                                                                                                     March 10th 2016


‘Dear Greg,

Please read the whole of this message below. It comes straight from the horse’s mouth and explains to the public at large in this country just exactly what this person, called Jeremy Hunt, and the entire government are doing to our NHS whilst hiding behind all manner of excuses.

Please let me know what you intend to do about really funding the NHS properly. I would be grateful to NOT hear platitudes, politician speak and excuses – plain, straight talking would be good, and it would also be good to know that the NHS will be funded properly and correctly;  also managed correctly.

I have recently spoken to a “junior doctor” who isn’t all that junior in years, and have been told that management (both middle and senior) are at fault, but that the real problem lies with the government because they underfund the NHS and they also tell the management people how to manage. In other words – the problem lies with this government and their lies, deception and lack of responsibility towards the people of this country. No amount of excuses and pushing contracts at the private sector will make any of us thinking people believe any less. We are not idiots; this government is pushing the country into private hands in every direction – and you only got 24% of the vote. I doubt any of you will get another term in office and the opposition parties are not any better.

From a sad, disillusioned resident of Fulham and ex-believer in the Conservative Party.                                                                                                                                                                         Gloria Guy                                                                                                           February 21st 2016


Gloria can be seen in a clip from my documentary series ‘Groundswell – Whose NHS? A Grassroots Journey’ speaking at an NHS Reinstatement Bill demonstration outside Parliament:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zq4KsvPk7Q8&t=5s