THE CRUNCH – An Apocalyptic Thriller – Storyline

The  storyline ‘pitch’ for my current movie project:

Britain in the near future. The most debt-ridden nation in the world is under attack by the investors of the global bond markets. If Britain defaults, the world goes bust.

But Britons from all walks of life are united against the demands of the markets. And demanding freedom from the decades-long yoke of debt. THE CRUNCH is coming.

The streets of Britain’s cities seethe with Dump The Debt and Ditch The Rich protesters. The security forces are on red alert as bankers are kidnapped and murdered and suicide bombers launch themselves against representatives of the new world powers.

A popular Uprising threatens the status quo. The British protesters’ calls go global. An imperilled money system fights for its survival as legions of its believers lose faith in its workings and its morality.

Three ordinary British families from across the social divides are caught up in these epochal events. Money is the chain that binds as well as divides them.

CHARLIE NICHOLSON, 30, ex Army Officer and fund manager, struggles to salvage his parents’, his clients’ and his own financial security with a massive bet on the outcome of the crisis – armageddon in the world of paper money and a panic rush into gold,  mankind’s oldest store of value.

JAYA INTIKHAB, 23, student, prostitutes herself to pay for her education and her indebted shopkeeper dad in Leeds.

Little STEVIE RICHARDS, 10, fishes a Leeds canal to feed his impoverished, debt-leeched sink estate family.

Their lives become intertwined in a tense, fast-moving Hitchcockian thriller of moral jeopardy and war-crossed love, set against looming financial meltdown and civil insurrection,

THE CRUNCH is a richly resonant movie for our times. Along with its universal themes, its human sweep and its high drama it asks big, provocative questions about the global debt crisis.





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