TALKING BLUES: Tory and ex-Tory voices on the NHS etc

Here are some links to offbeat, revealing Tory and ex-Tory voices:

An illuminating blog One Nation Corbyn by John Miller, once-upon-a-time Tory Boy turned Corbynista (

An unexpected Corbyn-friendly blog in the Daily Mail by Peter Hitchens Letting Rip Against All This Reshuffle Garbage.

Peter Hitchens repents on the privatisation ‘con’:

Gloria Guy, once a lifelong Tory but “never again”, and a supporter of the NHS Reinstatement Bill, speaks out against privatisation.             

Ex-Tory Gloria Guy writes to her Tory MP Greg Hands about the NHS:

Alexandra Veres, another Ex-Tory and ardent NHS supporter, who sees herself as “an ex-smoker now virulently anti-smoking!”.

NHS Patient Speaks Out. An appeal for support for the Junior Doctors by Kiah, an NHS patient who voted Tory at the Election:

And here is Kiah talking at a BMA Junior Doctors rally on April 26th 2016: